Case Study for West Sussex County Council, Chichester.

West Sussex County Council's problem is well known to network teams in many large organisations. As regular and rapid changes are made to sites, cabling and patching are constantly taking place. With time at a premium and budgets tight, cabinets can often end up messy and ultimately this can prevent necessary upgrade work and begin to cause problems.


These problems tend to be confounded by the fact that in most organisations, taking an entire comms room offline for a number of days would have massive implications for the people working in that area.

The only sollution is to allocate out of hours time during which the comms room can be powered down, totally repatched and then then brought back online with minimal impact to end users. Kemson was brought in to assist with this work

It's clear from the photographs that the cabinet had become a significant problem. There was no remaining switch capacity and upgrades were impossible because of the state of the cabling.

Kemson was bought it to help remedy these problems and create an efficient cabinet that would allow additional users to be placed in these locations as well as eliminating the patching as a possible cause of network instability in these areas

Working with the council's own network team across a weekend these sites were repatched to provide a clear and efficient patching system. In just a single weekend a major comms room could be repatched.

Before and after photos from another site


Cabinet as it was originally

A serious mess!

Before we'd been

After we'd been

Finished System


Council I.T. staff could then upgrade the switches in this cabinet and provide the additional capacity they so badly needed

The difference between the before and after photos is dramatic! Having been faced with a cabinet in the state that these were in for long periods of time, customers often don't realise how quickly and cheaply the situation can be turned around

This work would not be possible during normal office hours, so using a company like Kemson who provide staff and expertise out of normal working hours is essential to completing it. We're available whenever you need us to be!

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