Category 5e, 6 & 7 UTP and FTP.

Design, installation, testing & commissioning.

Trained in Krone, AMP (Tyco) System 5E and ITT Cannon Network Services.

Experienced in following major component manufacturers:

Krone RW Data Excel Amp.

ITT Cannon Molex AT&T IBM.


Microtest PentaScanner cabling analyser used for testing and investigating network cables.

Installing, terminating and testing fibre optic cable installations, with termination by polishing or crimping ST and SC connectors.


Cabling, terminating and testing voice installations, including multipair distribution cable, DP frames and sub-racks, jumpering between provider and customer termination points.

G703 coax cabling installed for voice or data.

ISDN and 2 Mb Kilostream leased lines tested with Firebird.


Installing, terminating and testing many legacy types of network cabling, including;

Thicknet Ethernet and transceiver drop cables (10base 5).

Thinnet Ethernet segments and repeaters flyleads (10 base 2).

IBM Type 1 and 6 and also type 9 flyleads and MAU’S.

RS232 cabling and connectors, soldered or crimped.


Switches, Hubs, Routers (primarily Cisco, but other manufacturers in addition) installed, configured and tested.

Line Drivers, Protocol and Media Converters, Multiplexers, traditional ‘dumb’ terminal and serial installations.

Office relocation

Relocation of all office equipment (PC’s, Servers, printers, other peripherals and furniture) either within buildings or to separate locations.

Communication Migration

The management of voice and data communications cabinets that require relocation or rationalisation (usually undertaken out-of-hours), from the initial audit, via unpatching and repatching of connecting leads, re-positioning of active equipment, through to final documentation.

Home or office CCTV installation.

Nationwide Coverage.

Fully insured.